Below are samples of my photography work sorted into different categories. Click on one of the rollover buttons (Architecture, People, or Products) to view that particurlar portfolio.


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Advertising & Graphic Design projects

The below links (yellow highlighted hyperlinks) will take you to sample graphic design projects I've worked on with clients. Some were developed entirely on my own in proposing marketing material, ad campaigns, or other related material. While other samples are from group efforts working with Advertising agencies, freelance designers, or in-house graphics departments. In most cases I did all the required or necessary photography. With a few of the projects, I worked with images provided by the client or stock.

"Assorted Printed Pieces"

The following samples are an assortment of projects that I either did in their entirety or in collaboration with a designer as a team effort. Some are examples of simply shooting to a "tight" layout design concept provided by the client.

"MSD Projects"

The following samples are an assortment of projects that I worked on while working at MSD Ignition "temp P/T" in their in-house graphics department. These samples include mock-up press releases and new design ideas for both their full size and table-top versiosn of their trade show display booths.

"El Paso's Estrellas"
Lawyers Title billboard, print, and radio campaign. As a personal challenge, I chose to Illustrate the campaign based on a scenic photo I took of the city. This also allowed me to create material without resolution issues.

"Sierra Title"
This was a project I did for a friend who was working on an internal office ad campaign contest. Their office was divided into teams that had to present an "ad campaign" idea to the office manager.

"Crime Stoppers and El Paso Police Department "
The following samples are from my work at The El Paso Police Department and Crime Stoppers of El Paso, Inc. While there I was involved with many different projects and the followinr is a sample of those projects. Some did actually go to print as presented and others were concept presentations.

"Crime Stoppers of El Paso, Inc. web site "
The following web site was my main project for the non-profit organization. Up until now, they had no web presence. They had purchased a couple different url's but no work had been done. Working with a very good friend who is a local designer, he and I designed the above web site. After is was launched, I took over the "hosting," upkeep, regular updates, etc. Other than some of the press release material, I have been TOTALLY responsible for its' content, design, etc. It may not be "flashy" and even simple by some standards; however, I designed it for function and to be informative...based on the "clients" we defined as the end user. When we looked at other program's web sites, we also decided to keep it professional and not amateurish looking.

"UTEP - Office of Alumni Relations"
Here are some samples of projects that I have done while working at UTEP in The Office Alumni Relations (and the UTEP Alumni Association). As I complete more projects and have samples, I'll upload them but in the meantime, this is what I have.

The below two links are the January 2007 El Paso Scene cover and calendar which both used the image from my home page. To view those, click on the links below, they will open in a separate window.

EP Scene Cover

EP Scene Calendar

Student example portfolios

The below links will take you to sample student work from my photography classes over the years. The B&W portfolio is from a basic photo class that actually used film, students developed their own film and made prints in an actual darkroom. The second portfolio of color images is from a basic "digital" photography class. My concentration was, and always has been, on making images and not using a computer and image editing software to manipulate images; although, they did have one assignment that contrated on photo manipulation in the computer.

All classes or sections were given basically the same assignments as identified below:

  • Technical exercises demonstrating a profecency using apertures and shutter speeds
  • Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Pattern
  • Shadows
  • Silhouettes
  • Mood or dramatic lighting
  • Low light or night photography
  • People at work
  • Environmental Portrait
  • Self Portrait
  • Socal Documentary
  • Special effects (day for night, in camera, darkroom, computer manipulation, etc.)

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B&W Student Examples (LINK)

Color Student Examples (LINK)