I began wearing a pin of three tiny feet in a row on my right shirt collar when my mother was first diagnosed with cancer (her first of five bouts) in 1989. I have always LOVED this "prayer" and have kept a copy hanging in my apartment, studio, home, etc. ever since. I started wearing it as a way of keeping her in my prayers as well as a reminder that through the good and the bad, I was not alone. By the simple act of placing that pin each and every day on my shirt collar, I was able to take a moment each day and think of her as well as be reminded that throughout the day, I would not be alone.

Just prior to starting my recent job, I visited the office and there next to the door, was this prayer. Was this a sign or not? I'm not an in your face bible thumper, if anything I'm guilty of being a "closet" Christian, but if asked I love to share this story with others. For that reason, I've created this section on my web site to share the story with others who maybe need a little bit of hope. I hope you too find comfort in this simple yet powerful message. If you care to let me know how it touched you, I'd love to hear your story. Simply drop me a "note" using the e-mail link on any of the pages on my site.






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