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Here is probably the best source for
Once you create an account you preview the music then request permission, it's that easy!
If you request a song, make sure that you will be monitoring your email closely for the next couple of days as I understnad the confirmation email with the link to your requested song must be redeemed promptly.

Below you will find information and links to music content you may use for class projects. The following artists have agreed and given permission for you to use their material for class projects. Please respect their requests and guideliens. Again...the below content is for use ONLY in (my) class projects and may NOT be reproduced, distributed, sold, etc. without further permission by or compensation to the artist.

Hi Steve,

My name is Tom Cardenas...I have a few I've put together here in my home recording studio that you are welcome to use. They are not copyrighted.

I have attached a song I call "Carefree Melody" to this e mail (click here to download)

You can also go to my soundcloud page at:

You can download whichever song you choose for free directly from my soundcloud page.

It would be great to have my works credited in your students pieces. I would even enjoy viewing what they have created.

Let me know if this helps,



Tom may be contacted using the following email: please drop him a note informing him of your projects and simply to thank him for helping you with your projects.

Hello professor Lama,

I'm glad to share with you and students several songs that I composed. You and any student are allow to use them for your school projects. I would appreciate if you give me credits for the music in those projects as well as sharing with me your work.

You can contact me at: if you would like more music or to share those projects with me.

Thanks for sharing my work.

Marcos Garay.

Bobby Blanco,

Coming soon!

To the best of my knowledge, the below sites may provide additional resources...
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* I do my best to screen all links and their respective content. I have no ties or connection to these sites and any views or opinions expressed therin are those of those individuals and not mine. Please let me know if a link is broken, bad, or has changed and taking you to something other than what I have indicated. If you have any links that you would like to suggest, please forward that along to me as well.